Face-to-face group workshops introduce information focused on changing roles in service delivery, paradigm shifts from child-focused to collaborative consultation, caregiver coaching and reflection on the core components of family centered services in natural environments (FCNE):


Regularly scheduled technology-supported meetings using the SS-OO-PP-RR format support participants to meet their goals related to EI service delivery with performance based feedback.

Peer Mentoring

Service providers within an agency pair together to share feedback using the SS-OO-PP-RR peer mentoring checklist.

Performance Feedback

Shared using a variety of formats including video clips and summary notes based on individual coaching plans.


Topic-focused online presentations and conversations related to family-guided routines-based intervention.

Newsletters/Print Materials

Newsletters reinforce and highlight the core components of FCNE, maintain cohesiveness of training cohorts, showcase practical examples of coaching strategies or diverse routines in use, and provide a format for questions and answers relating to participation in DMM. Print materials including handouts, checklists and planning forms support workshop content and are designed to help service providers integrate core components of family-guided routines-based intervention into their day-to-day work with children and families.


Evaluation of individual and group progress supporting change in areas such as caregiver coaching strategy use, number and types of routines used for embedded intervention, and use of reflective conversations.

DMM Values and Practices Based on the National Professional Development Center on Inclusion (NPDCI) Conceptual Framework